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Solving Problems
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11.7k how to use appropriate computer-based productivity tools to create and modify solutions to problems;


                      Application Statement                                                                    Narrative

11.16s use technology tools to create a knowledge base with a broad perspective for creating and modifying solutions to WWW mastering problems;



11.17s select appropriate productivity tools and integrate them into WWW documents;



11.18s use foundation and enrichment curricular content in the creation of WWW pages;



11.19s create WWW pages using specific authoring tools such as text-based editing programs and graphical-based editing programs;


11.20s read, use, and develop technical documentation related to Web mastering;



11.21s create and edit WWW documents using established design principles, including consistency, repetition, alignment, proximity, ratio of text to white space, image file size, color use, font size, type, and style;



11.22s demonstrate the ability to control access to a WWW site via password  controls and global access/deny controls;



11.23s establish a folder/directory hierarchy for storage of a Web page and its related and linked files;




11.8k how to use research skills and electronic communication to create new knowledge;


                      Application Statement                                                                    Narrative

11.24s demonstrate proficiency in, appropriate use of, and navigation of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the Internet, and intranets for research and for sharing resources;



11.25s extend teaching and learning in the local environment to the worldwide community through the creation and sharing of WWW documents;



11.26s synthesize and generate new information from data gathered from electronic and telecommunications resources;



11.27s create and format WWW documents containing bookmarks of on-line resources and share them electronically;



11.28s demonstrate the use of WWW pages, collaborative software, and productivity tools to create products;



11.29s participate with electronic communities as a learner, initiator, contributor, and teacher/mentor;



11.30s participate in relevant, meaningful activities in the larger community and society to create electronic WWW projects;




11.9k how to use technology applications to facilitate evaluation of work, including both process and product;


                              Application Statement                                                                    Narrative

11.31s design and implement procedures to track trends, set time lines, and review/evaluate work progress for continual improvement in process and product;



11.32s seek and respond to advice from colleagues and other professionals in delineating technological tasks related to Web mastering;



11.33s create technology specifications for tasks and evaluation rubrics to evaluate problem-solving processes;



11.34s resolve information conflicts and validate information through accessing, researching, and comparing data;




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