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Technology Application Standards

bulletStandard XI  - Web Mastering
bullet Foundations
bulletInformation Acquisition
bulletWork in Solving Problems
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bulletJody Sheppard - Career Goal
bulletJody Sheppard - American Kobudo Ryu Karate
bulletSTrategies for the Gifted and Talented
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bulletVenn Diagram - sampleresponse
bulletPool Problem - Worksheet
bulletInfinity Problem
bulletSwimming Pool Problem
bulletClown Worksheet - Sample response
bulletBrain TEaser - Euler's Problem
bulletTilings - project in ambiguity
bulletInfinity Conlusion
bulletVenn Diagram - Worksheet
bulletStep by Step - sample response
bulletinfinity worksheet
bullettranslations - sample response
bulletproject manager - Step by Step project
bulletGraph paper Worksheet
bulletAction Research Project - Step by Step
bulletDescriptive Research Project - Clowns
bulletInfinity Sample Response
bulletEuler's Problem - Sample response
bulletproject manager - Clowns
bulletPool Problem - Sample Response
bulletWebQuest Teacher Page
bulletProbability of Multiple Events - Venn diagram
bulletTranslations of Graphs