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11.1k the appropriate use of hardware components, software programs, and their connections;


                        Application Statement                                                                    Narrative

11.1s   make decisions regarding the selection, acquisition, and use of software related to Web mastering, taking into consideration its quality, appropriateness, effectiveness, and efficiency;




11.2s   delineate and make necessary adjustments regarding compatibility issues, including, but not limited to, digital file formats and cross-platform connectivity;




11.3s use vocabulary related to Web mastering and differentiate between characteristics of the Internet and an intranet;




11.4s plan and design Web pages that are accessible to diverse audiences (e.g., visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired, learning disabled);



11.5s summarize the technical needs for a World Wide Web (WWW) server;




11.6s summarize the development of Internet protocols, including, but not limited to, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Gopher, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), telnet, and Wide Area Information System (WAIS);




11.2k data input skills appropriate to a given task;


                        Application Statement                                                                    Narrative

11.7s demonstrate proficiency in the use of a variety of electronic input devices such as keyboard, scanner, voice/sound recorders, mouse, touch screen, and digital video by incorporating such components while publishing WWW pages;




11.3k pertinent laws and issues regarding the use of technology in society;


                     Application Statement                                                                    Narrative

11.8s analyze the impact of the WWW on society through research, interviews, and personal observation;




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