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Jody Sheppard - Career Goal

Educational Background

Degree or Certificate

Date Conferred
Conferring Institution
Most Memorable Class
Bachelor's of Science
May 12, 2001
Texas A & M - Commerce
Mathematics / English   (Dr. Stuart Anderson)
Statistics     ( Hardest class I took)
Master's of Science
August 9,2003
Texas A & M - Commerce
Secondary and Higher Education ( Dr. Sarah Sienty)
Philosophy of Ed.  (Realized all the best philosophers were Mathematicians)
Texas Teacher Certification
June 24, 2004
Texas Education Agency
Mathematics Grades 6-12
Reading 515 (First time I ever had an instructor talk during others' presentations)

Current Educational Activities

    I enrolled in the doctoral program at Texas A & M University - Commerce in January of 2004.  I had taken the second research tools class (statistics) in the previous fall and made my decision then to enroll.  The degree will be in Higher Education - Supervision Instruction and Curriculum and I hope to finish sometime in 2005.  Dr. Jon Travis is my major advisor and Dr. Sue Espinoza and Dr. Rick Kremenski are my minor advisors.  My minor is split so that I will have educational technology and mathematics as college level teaching fields as well as education.  So far it is going great.  I have found I have a real knack for research and statistics and was very honored when Dr. Rick Balkin asked me to help him with his summer section of Advanced statistics.  I took the class in the spring and assisted Dr. Balkin in the summer.  It was a wonderful experience and I had the opportunity to really help the people in the class.

Career Goals

    Upon completion of my doctorate, I intend to seek out a tenure position at a university.   I would love to teach a variety of courses, not just education but math as well.  Recently I discovered a talent for research and statistics and am very excited by the thought of getting some real research published.  I am also playing with the idea of starting a new private school to promote true education and discipline.  It is overwhelming to think of everything that would need to be done to actually get a new school off the ground but it can be done. 

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