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Project Manager

Getting Started

Read about the project on the page entitled "Send in the Clowns".  As you work on the project , you will need a graphing calculator and materials on which you can record your calculations and make accurate graphs.  Keep all your work for the project in a folder, along with this Project Manager.

Scoring Rubric


Your face mask designs are well defined, and show various emotions.  Your equations and restrictions are correct and can be used by others to reconstruct your designs. Your explanations are thorough and detailed.  Your display is informative and attractive.

Your designs show various emotions but
could be neater.  Your equations and their restrictions are mostly accurate with minor errors. Your explanations lack detail.  Your display could be more effective.

Your designs and equations contain both minor and major errors.

You leave out or do not complete important parts.

Evaluate your work based on the Scoring Rubric:

Teacher's evaluation of the Project:

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