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The Swimming Pool Fills How?
Perspective Synthesized

The cross sections of two swimming pools that are being filled at a constant rate are shown below.

PoolA Pool A

PoolB Pool B

1. For each pool, write a description of how the depth in meters, d, of the water in the pool varies with time in minutes, t, from the moment the empty pool begins to fill.
        For pool A, the cross section of the pool is a rectangle.  If water is flowing into the pool at a constant rate, the geight of the pool wil rise at a constant rate.

        For pool B, the two sections to consider are the bottom of the deep end of the pool up to where the shallow end starts and the rest of the pool.  Both of these           portions are rectangular prisms.  The water depth will increase at a certain constant rate until the water level reaches the deep end edge of the shallow end of           the pool.  Then, as the water begins to fill the shallow end, the water depth increases at a slower but still constant rate until the pool is full.  This is because the          deep end of the pool is a prism with a smaller base than the base of the prism that is the whole pool.

2.  Sketch a graph to show how the depth of the water in each pool varies with time from the moment the empty pool begins to fill.

sample response

Blue - Pool B
Red - Pool A
Green - Pool B is standing in the shallow end





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