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The Swimming Pool Fills How?
Perspective Synthesized

The cross sections of two swimming pools that are being filled at a constant rate are shown below.

PoolA Pool A

PoolB Pool B

1. For each pool, write a description of how the depth in meters, d, of the water in the pool varies with time in minutes, t, from the moment the empty pool begins to fill.

2.  Sketch a graph to show how the depth of the water in each pool varies with time from the moment the empty pool begins to fill.

Scaffolding Questions:

1.  What section of the pool will be filled first?
2.  How are these sections different in each pool?
3.  How are the pools different from each other?
4.  How are the pools the same?
5.  What should the graph look like?
6.  How will the graphs be different?
7.  How will the graphs be the same?

8.  How would it change if you were standing in different parts of the pool?

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