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Mathematical Strategies for the Gifted and Talented
Nine Activities Designed for Secondary Mathematics Students

Math collage


Jody Sheppard

1.  Historical Research Project on Women Mathematicians: A Webquest  
      a.  teacher page
2.  Are the Containers Full or Empty?  Experimental Research on Infinity Utilizing the Scientific Method
      a. reproducible worksheet
      b.  sample response

3.  Send in the Clowns:  Project on Conic Sections (Bloom's synthesis)
      a. Project Manager

4.  Probability of Multiple Events:  The Venn Diagram as a Tool
      a.  reproducible worksheet
      b.  sample response
5.  Translations of Graphs:  Analysis and Development of Mathematical Rules
       a.  reproducible worksheet
       b.  sample response
6.  Euler's Problem and Network Matrices: A Brain Teaser
      a.  sample response
7.  Step by Step:  An Action Research Project

8.  The Swimming Pool Fills How?  Perspective Synthesized
      a.  reproducible worksheet
      b.  sample response
9. Tilings All Around Us:  Tolerance of Ambiguity
      a.   sample response

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